Formby Dunes – Compass Sport Cup 12/09/10

Ulverston pupils travelled to Formby on Sunday to represent Lakeland Orienteering Club (LOC) in the Compass Sport Cup. This is a competition where runners of all ages compete against neighbouring clubs with the winning club progressing to the National Final.

The wooded area of Formby dunes is well known as a habitat for red squirrels, but the competition area was held in the open dunes. Here there were large flat areas between areas of complex contour features. As in all sand dune areas there were numerous paths, many of which weren’t mapped. The orange course was very tricky with only 6 controls over 2.8km. This resulted in long legs between the controls and some runners found the paths very confusing and lost a lot of time by taking the wrong ones.

With a lot of the juniors running down a class the competition was tough. The classes were divided up between men & women. On the orange course Lois (9) came 7th after losing time to control 3 and 4. Collette (8) was one of the youngest on the course and ran well to finish 12th, losing time on the 2nd & 3rd control. Adam (9) had a clean run to finish 2nd while Will (10) had a nightmare on control 2, losing 8 mins, dropping him from 1st to 7th place just 1 sec ahead of James (9). On the light green course our best results came from the boys with Angus (10) having a great run to finish 3rd ahead of Martin (13) 4th and Max (12) 7th. The girls found it more difficult, but Katie (10) did well in 5th place.

With a lack of runners on the longer courses LOC ran Jack (13) on the blue course. This was the most popular course with 89 runners, but the tactic worked with Jack finishing 1st, 30 sec ahead of the next runner. A great result for him. Unfortunately, it was not enough for LOC to qualify for the final, beaten by DEE from Merseyside. Hopefully we will do better in next year’s competition.

Orange Women (32) Orange Men (26) L Green Women (26) L Green Men (22) Blue Men (89)
Lois (9) 7th Adam (9) 2nd Katie (10) 5th Angus (10) 3rd Jack (13) 1st
Collette (8) 12th Will (10) 7th Collette (11) 11th Martin (13) 4th
Faye (9) 17th James (9) 8th Katie (10) 14th Max (12) 7th