Birkrigg Common – Club Champs 08/09/10

Nathan 2010 Club Champ

The school orienteering year always starts with our own championships. These are run on a handicap basis so everyone has a chance of winning. Taking all results from last year, time and distances are used to find a runners average minutes / kilometre. Start times are allocated (to the second) so that, in theory, everyone will finish at 6pm. The school champion is the runner who finishes first, thereby beating their handicap by the greatest margin.

Who will get there first?

Starting above the quarries on Birkrigg, parents could watch the runners finding the first few controls on the front slope before running behind the hill. The first control on the long and medium course provided a variety of route choices and many of the runners found themselves far too high up the slope. Once over the hill the three courses had the runners zigzagging over the limestone and disappearing into the bracken. With controls placed in depressions and at the foot of small crags, runners had to use accurate navigation in order to find the right one. The last few controls brought the runners back into sight as they sprinted down to the finish.

The fast running on Birkrigg resulted in most of the runners finishing before the expected time of 6pm.The first two to appear were Nathan and Amelia, racing down the hill. Nathan had managed to catch Amelia, overcoming her 11 min head start and he was able to draw away to finish over a minute clear. Both of them shattered their handicap by 25 minutes! Another 5 minutes went by before a group of 3 runners were spotted coming through the bracken down the hill. Collette had had an excellent run on the short course catching up 3 mins on Florrie and 7 mins on Ben to take 3rd place by 2 seconds.

Close finishes

After the race pupils enjoyed refreshments (pizza – very healthy) and waited for the results to be announced. As well as club champion, prizes were awarded for the fastest girl and boy on each course. The occasion also provided an opportunity to thank all parents for their support, particularly those involved with training and accompanying trips. Without their help and time the O club would not be able to function.

Results are as follows:-

UVHS Club Champion Short Medium Long
Nathan (12) – 5:33:58 James (8) – 18.43 Will (10) – 27.10 Jack (13) – 23.52
Amelia (12) – 5:35:54 Andrew (8) – 18.44 Patrick (10) – 27.43 Max (12) – 20.29
Collette (8) – 5:41:30 Kristian (8) – 18.47 Adam (9) – 38.02 Malachy (12) – 33.20
Ben (8) – 5:41:32 Collette (8)– 21.58 Katie (10) – 38.09 Meghan (11)– 40.08