New Zealand Tour – Orienteering Success

Inter Boys

Our last two days were spent taking part in the NZ North Island Schools Champs. Friday was the individual day with relays on Saturday. Although the Ulverston party would not be entitled to any trophies we were determined to show why UVHS are the best in Britain.

Inter Girls

There were many more entrants then at the Nationals 2 weeks ago and the standard was high. Havelock North HS had been at World Schools Champs in 2008 and Napier Boys and Girls Schools were in Spain in 2009. Both were well represented here. Nearly all orienteering in NZ takes place on farm land and in this instance it was grass covered sand hills with patches of gorse and impenetrable box thorn. Some of the water courses were quite deep as Meghan found out. With contours marked at 5m intervals instead of the usual 2.5m in English sand dunes, navigation was tricky.

On the championship courses our best results came in the junior boys with Will maintaining his good form to take 1st place, 40 secs ahead of 2nd place. He was well backed up by Patrick in 6th place. Max ran well in inter boys to finish 4th, 2 1/2 mins ahead of Nathan in 10th place. Despite her venture into deep water Meghan came in 6th in inter girls. After 2 mis-punches at the Nationals Lydia ran on the standard inter girls course. This proved to be a runners course and she flew round to finish 2nd.

Junior Boy Inter Boy Inter Girl Senior Girl
Will (9) – 1st Max (11) – 4th Meghan (10) – 6th Jess (12) – 12th
Patrick (9) – 6th Nathan (11) – 10th Kelly (10) – 14th  
Jonathan (9) – 12th Ben (9) – 25th Collette (10) – 17th  
    Inter Girl Standard  
    Lydia (10) – 2nd

The relays on Saturday were very competitive as they counted double points for the school trophies. The UVHS inter girls team of Meghan, Lydia and Kelly ran solidly in 3rd place all the way round. Collette, running in a composite team, brought them home just behind Kelly in 4th place. Ulverston inter boys team also ran well, keeping up with the leaders. Max brought them back in 3rd place only to find that he had been too quick at control 9 and his e-card had not registered. Unfortunately this disqualified the team. Once again our best result was with the junior boys. Patrick ran well on first leg, handing over to Jonny. He ran a stormer bringing the team up into first place and leaving Will an easy run round to maintain that position.

Junior Boy Inter Boy Inter Girl
UVHS – 1st UVHS – mp (3rd) UVHS – 3rd