Mitredale, Eskdale – Cumbrian Galoppen 07/03/10

This weekend the orienteering club travelled the scenic route to Mitredale in Eskdale. The sunny weather of the last two weeks gave beautiful views across to the Scafell range topped with snow.

Unfortunately, the forest was not so nice. It had not been used for a few years and had not improved in that time. The terrain was very rough underfoot with brashings and boulders making it very difficult to make quick progress. Finishing times were very long and anyone who finished felt they had had value for money! To make matters worse runners on the longer courses found the print rubbing off the map which made the map reading quite difficult.

Once again Andrew (7) produced the best junior runs, winning the orange course by 7 mins and still having enough energy to come second on the yellow. Kristian (7) & James (7) did very well on their first orange course to finish 4th & 5th respectively. UVHS dominated the light green course with 5 runners in the top 7. Will (9) led the group home finishing 5 mins clear in 1st place. Meghan (10) had a clean run into 4th on the green and Ben (9), moving up a course, did well to finish 25th.

The blue course was very tough and, in his first run since November, Michael came out top UVHS runner in 15th place.