Gelt Woods, Brampton – Cumbrian Galoppen 07/12/08

This was the last event of the year and the orienteering club travelled to Gelt Woods, Brampton near Carlisle. At last we were running in woods and this provided different problems to some of the recent events.

The Gelt River runs through a steep sided gorge. This wooded area has a good network of paths which can sometimes be more confusing then helpful. The slopes have plenty of rock features and there were numerous pits and re-entrants. There were still pockets of snow still lying in places and these hid some of the features which the early runners found hard to find. There was a very cold wind in the car park field, but the trees sheltered the runners and the only problems the weather produced were the ice and snow underfoot.

Ulverston runners dominated the junior courses. The Year 7 and 8 beginners almost had a clean sweep on the Yellow course (2.2km). Less then a minute separated the first four runners with Rowan (8) finishing just ahead of Adam (7) and Lucy (7). On the Orange course (2.3km) James (7) had a great run to finish 1st, 4 minutes ahead of Jonathon (8) in 2nd place. The Light Green course (3.6km) proved harder then usual with most runners taking well over an hour to finish. Ulverston runners took the top four places in just over 40 minutes with Sam (9) taking the honours in 1st place closely followed by Katie (8), Malachy (9) and Meghan (9).

The school had only one runner on the Green course (4.4km), but Max (10) ran well to finish 8th from 42 starters. The hardest course run by Ulverston pupils was the Blue course (6.4km). This course covered both sides of the river gorge and had a significant amount of height gain. The start list was dominated by very experienced male adults and there was little time between the finishers. Martin (11) had one of his best runs to finish in 5th place and although they finished in 27th and 28th place, Jemma (12) and Rebecca (12) were the 1st and 2nd women on the course.