Monthly Archives: November 2008

High Brow, Ullswater – Cumbrian Galoppen 23/11/08

Once again the orienteering club chose the wrong day to go out – this time we woke up to snow on the fells. Fortunately, little had settled on the roads so we managed to get to the event safely and were able to enjoy the scenery as we travelled through the Lakes. Whilest the first snow of the year made the hills look very dramatic it was slightly worrying that we were soon going to be out running in the stuff! However, as we went over Dunmail Rise the snow disappeared from the lower slopes and by the time we reached the event the ground was just very wet. Unfortunately, there was a strong cold wind blowing so everyone still had to go out in cags, hats & gloves.

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Birkett Common – Cumbrian Galoppen 09/11/08

Every orienteering article talks about the weather and, although it should not affect our results, it can make such a difference to an event. This Sunday the club took 45 pupils to Birkett Common near Kirkby Stephen – an open fell area with no trees or shelter. Instead of the sunshine from last week runners were faced with strong winds, heavy rain (with some hail mixed in) and a marked drop in temperature. Conditions were such that everyone went out in cags, hat and gloves. The wet conditions underfoot made the feet very cold and several runners retired.

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