Battleaxe Series

The UVHS orienteering club trains on Wednesdays throughout the year. In the summer term we are able to use local events in the Lakes and train on excellent terrain. The Battleaxe series is run by the Warrior club based in Ambleside (and not named after Miss Evans!). Instead of following a set course each event is a score – runners have 1 hour to punch as many controls as possible. Each control is worth 10 points, but runners lose 5 points for each minute late back. This format involves runners being aware of their ability and not necessarily going to the furthest controls. Route choice is important, as is the order the controls are taken.

This year the events took place at Loughrigg, Newby Bridge, Grizdale and Brantwood. After weeks of good weather the group went to Loughrigg, leaving Ulverston in bright sunshine. No sooner had everyone started their course then the heavens opened and the deluge began. With the rain bouncing off the ground pupils came back well before their hour looking like drowned rats. To add insult to injury we returned to find Ulverston still bathed in glorious sunshine. Many parents, on putting the running gear in the wash, must have thought we had been swimming in Grasmere rather then running over the fell!

The other three events went smoothly and enjoyed much better weather. The areas used varied greatly, from the open fell of Loughrigg to the wooded hillside of Brantwood via the coniferous forest of Grizdale and the gentle slopes of deciduous woods around Newby Bridge. The last event finished with a free barbecue by Wilf’ Café and the prizegiving.

Once again school runners did very well. Michael (13) was 2nd on Mens Open, with Steven (12), Joe (11) and Jack (10) leading the Junior boys after competing as a 3 for training purposes. Nathan (9) and Jack (9) were 2nd and 3rd on the Junior boys individual. Jemma (11) won the Junior girls with Amelia (9) 3rd.