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Uear 13- Articles on ISIS

Following our discussion of ISIS and their recent actions in Paris, Beirut and Sinai, these are the articles I made reference to:

What ISIS really wants – This is free to access from The Atlantic and provides a very interesting analysis of the group.

The Foreign Affairs article that was linked to in yesterday’s weekly links is free to access once you have registered. It is worth going as FA is a very good publication.

Alternatively, ask me for a print out tomorrow :-).

Year 12 – Cold War presentations for Thursday

Presentations on the following topics for Thursday’s lesson please:

  • The space race between USSR and USA 1955-1971
  • The Cuban Missile Crisis – 1962
  • The development of Nuclear weapons – 1945
  • The Korean war 1950-53
  • Vietnam War
  • Marshall Plan

Please bring your presentation on a data stick or upload it straight to Google Slides. I will upload all of the presentation into the Drive after the lesson.


Year 13 – New pre-release and Unit 3 links to read.

Pre-release links

1.The GeoFact sheet in the Unit 3 master document is well worth a read for background information.

2. Good article about how Iceland and China are becoming economically and politically closer: Energy, fish and transport.

Unit 3 energy and superpowers

3. A very useful read from Economist on the geopolitics of the Middle East. Saudi Arabia as the regional power and the need to move away from dependency on oil.

4. BBC documentary outlining how Islamic State has risen to be a formidable non state actor in the Middle East. Very useful for providing a background to conflict in the Middle East for the Superpower topic and the role of oil in funding the regime.

5. India is an emerging power. This article outlines what The Economist believes India will need to do over the next 10 years to cement its rise.

27th May links

6. Good outline of the recent modest rise in oil prices, useful for energy and superpowers.

7. Nato chief says Russian nuclear threats are ‘deeply troubling and dangerous’

8. Interesting piece on the need to end fossil fuel subsidies

9. Vladamir Putin has accused the US of pushing for a Uni polar world.

6 June

10. A very interesting set of graphs outlining the impact of conflicts in the Middle East on oil prices over time. Links to the original article.


12. Article on the global growth of solar power. Outpacing nuclear….

13, A convincing (although unbalanced) set of points as to why the USA remains the only real Superpower. 

14. How many countries in Africa are leap frogging fossil fuels and building up their renewable energy infrastructure.

15. The rise of ISIS in Pakistan and Afghanistan. Interesting example of the spread of a non state actor to another region.

16. From the Financial Times – A planning decision on Monday could result in the first significant fracking site in the UK, just outside Blackpool:


Year 13 – TED talk on China and USA relations. For unit 3 superpowers

Former Australian Prime Minister, Kevin Rudd, evaluates the impending geopolitical tensions between China and the USA and discusses possible options to reduce future threats and conflict.

A very useful 15 minute clip which will build on your knowledge of emerging powers and potential future conflicts which is part of the superpowers module.

Geography links for the week ending 22nd March

*Huge craters have appeared in Siberia. Aliens? Meteorites? Scientist’s think it could be exploding methane from melting permafrost

*Is this the end of economic growth equalling emissions increase?

*This week’s cartoon for year 13, taken from The Economist. Very relevant for Superpowers revision.


*China is increasingly aware of the negative impacts faced by a changing climate