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Geography links for the week ending the 14th June

1. Is this the solution to the traffic problems of the Lake District National Park?

2. Is a £200 million tidal barrage on the Wyre a forward thinking, sustainable approach to energy generation or a damaging proposal for the local environment?

3. A mobile phone business that looks to turn ‘switched off’ places ‘switched on’

4. Fracking in Lancashire, and the UK, has moved one step closer.

Geography links for the week ending 8th March

  • Met Office data suggests that this winter has been one of the sunniest on record. A stark contrast to winter 2013/14 – one of the wettest….
  • Household incomes are above what they were before the recession…. But only if you’re over 60. Always investigate the data!

It was International Women’s Day on Sunday. Here’s an example of how women are outpacing men in terms of University enrollment around the world.

IMG_20150309_194649 (1)

Geography links for the week ending 22nd February

*The winter of 2014 was the stormiest on record for the UK. This excellent Met office webpage summaries the impact and examines the causes.

*Costing the Earth is a BBC radio 4 programme. This episode looks at the impact of climate change on Iceland and its biodiversity specifically. Worthy of a listen for year 13’s in particular.

*The Greek exit, or ‘Grexit’, explained by the BBC through the analogy of a kebab.

*Renewables provided 15% of the UK’s electricity in 2013. We also import nearly 50% of the energy we use. Scary.


Geography links for the week ending 18th January

  • It looks like country that puts the I in the MINTs (Indonesia) is currently on course to grow and develop over the next few years if their current President keeps on reforming.
  • If the UK wants to avoid oil and gas price hikes in the future we need to recognise the importance of wind…. From the organisation that promotes wind power….