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Geography links for the week ending 15th February

*Find out which global and mega cities have grown and which are set to dominate in the next 30 years with this neat graphic

*Staying with the city theme, in Europe people are moving to the cities, either from the countryside or other parts of the continent. More here:


*Maps that changed the world. A nice collection from the BBC. You can’t call yourself a geographer if you don’t love maps 😉

*The earth’s core is growing:


Geography links for the week ending 8th February

*The USA is a superpower in every way, not least militarily. This is why:


*Lots of geography connections in a 5 minute clip.

*We study Mumbai and the Dhavari slums in year 12. This video shows how hip-hop is alive and well even in the most deprived parts of the city.

*The storms of winter 2013/14 really were ground breaking, in more than one way: 1,350 cubic meters of cliff face was eroded along a 300-meter stretch of coastline in just two weeks. 

Year 12 – Los Angeles mega city case study

For Tuesday, 16th December:

  • BRIEF history of Los Angeles development as a global city.
  • REASONS for development – Economic, political, physical (location)?
  • Brief outline of current and past development data e.g population growth, average wages, life expectancy. Inequality data?
  • PULL factors to LA from USA and rest of the world.

Consider, also, the push factors away from the city to the suburbs and smaller surrounding towns:

pull factors LA

Useful links:

Why LA is a global city

Details on quality of life, economic development and crime statistics in LA.

One residents view of life in LA

Use the Mumbai case study you completed in class as a guide.