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New Year Geography links for the week ending 3rd January 2016

Happy New Year! Kicking off 2016 with a brief snapshot of some of the stories that cropped up in the holiday period.

1. No one can have missed the flooding that occurred across the UK over the Christmas period. This is a very useful collection of many of the key events and issues surrounding the flooding.


2. Greenland’s glaciers are losing a lot of ice, and its only going to get worse…

3. MP’s have given the go ahead for fracking under National Parks.

4. Antarctica from space


Geography links for the week ending the 14th June

1. Is this the solution to the traffic problems of the Lake District National Park?

2. Is a £200 million tidal barrage on the Wyre a forward thinking, sustainable approach to energy generation or a damaging proposal for the local environment?

3. A mobile phone business that looks to turn ‘switched off’ places ‘switched on’

4. Fracking in Lancashire, and the UK, has moved one step closer.

Year 13 – Two very relevant news articles today that are worth reading.

First, the recommendation by a group of MPs who make up Parliament’s Environment Audit Committee that fracking is banned in the UK as it could have negative consequences for the UK’s climate change targets.

Second, Barack Obama wants to designate a significant amount of Alaska as a wilderness area. If approved this could make future fossil fuel exploration very unlikely.

Useful for cold environment AND the energy topic.

Geography links for the week ending the 25th January

*The most dangerous building in Europe is a short journey north of Ulverston.

*The world and wealth explained in 60 seconds

*Immigration is likely to be a key issue in the run up to the general election. At least we get the right ‘type’ of migrant – young and keen to work

*A group of MP’s have called for fracking to be band. The Government plans to go ahead in harnessing this unconventional energy source below our feet.