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Geography links for the week ending the 26th April

A large, 7.8 magnitude earthquake struck Nepal on Saturday 26th. It was a quite a shallow earthquake (near to the surface) which meant more of the force affected surface geology and buildings.


This is a devastatingly large earthquake for a very poor country which lacks the infrastructure to deal with major hazards such as this. This is the link to the CIA world factbook page for Nepal. Think about how the lack of hospitals and services will hamper the relief effort.

Due to the geology of the area, landslides and liquefaction may have occires. Prof Dave Petley has a very informative blog post on the quake.

These are just some of the scenes of devastation



Climbers and mountaineers who were on Everest looking to climb the world’s highest mountain have also been affected with at least 17 dead.

Geography links 15th March


*Tsunamis only happen near plate boundaries, right?
The North of Britain was hit by a tsunami 8,200 years ago and it could happen again.

*The El Nino atmosphere/ocean phenomena has started for 2015…. We think. Worth watching this develop as it can have significant impacts on local climate.

*The Guardian will be running a number of articles over the next few months that have a focus on climate change. Naomi Klein’s article is worth a read

*The BBC has flown a drone through the Crossrail tunnels one of the largest infrastructure projects in Europe. Impressive footage!

Geography links for the week ending 1st February

* If you want to increase your territorial rights one option is being a volcanic coastal country.


* Imagine if it froze…. Niagara falls did

* Russia’s belligerence and aggression increases in eastern Ukraine; they’re behaving like it’s the cold war again….

* Closer to the UK a magnitude 3.8 earthquake struck the East Midlands near Rutland on Wednesday. This is how Private Eye reported the event: