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Geography links for the week ending 5th July

1.Alaska’s glaciers have lost 75 gigatons (a gigaton is a billion metric tons) of ice per year from 1994 through 2013.

2. Planning has just been approved for the world’s largest Potash mine… And it’s In a National Park. Economic sense or a mockery of National Park protection?

3. From an Internet users point of view this is one of the most important maps in the world.


4. Lots of thunder and lightening on Sunday. Here’s a reminder of what causes it.

Geography links for the week ending 22nd March

*Huge craters have appeared in Siberia. Aliens? Meteorites? Scientist’s think it could be exploding methane from melting permafrost

*Is this the end of economic growth equalling emissions increase?

*This week’s cartoon for year 13, taken from The Economist. Very relevant for Superpowers revision.


*China is increasingly aware of the negative impacts faced by a changing climate

Geography links 15th March


*Tsunamis only happen near plate boundaries, right?
The North of Britain was hit by a tsunami 8,200 years ago and it could happen again.

*The El Nino atmosphere/ocean phenomena has started for 2015…. We think. Worth watching this develop as it can have significant impacts on local climate.

*The Guardian will be running a number of articles over the next few months that have a focus on climate change. Naomi Klein’s article is worth a read

*The BBC has flown a drone through the Crossrail tunnels one of the largest infrastructure projects in Europe. Impressive footage!

Geography links for the week ending 22nd February

*The winter of 2014 was the stormiest on record for the UK. This excellent Met office webpage summaries the impact and examines the causes.

*Costing the Earth is a BBC radio 4 programme. This episode looks at the impact of climate change on Iceland and its biodiversity specifically. Worthy of a listen for year 13’s in particular.

*The Greek exit, or ‘Grexit’, explained by the BBC through the analogy of a kebab.

*Renewables provided 15% of the UK’s electricity in 2013. We also import nearly 50% of the energy we use. Scary.


Geography links week ending 11th January

– Oil prices are STILL falling. Here is an explanation of why, how will it affect you? If the graph below is correct, has the link between economic growth and oil consumption been severed?


– Anti immigration support isn’t just limited to UKIP in the UK, a right wing German group is also gaining support.

2014 was the warmest year on record for the UK, and the warmest going back to records from 1619.

– If we are to avoid significant climate change we are going to have to leave a lot of oil and gas in the ground and not burn it