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Geography links for the week ending 24th May

1. Conservation contrasts: the Lake District begins its formal bid for World Heritage status, whilst on the same day an EU report highlights the decline of the UK’s biodiversity.

2. India is set to become the world’s largest country in terms of population size by 2020. A lot needs to happen to it’s economy before then


3. China is looking to rapidly expand the number of nuclear power stations in the country, but are they prepared for a Fukushima type accident?

Year 13 – Links to the two articles on conservation

This is George Monbiot’s original article calling for radical changes to the way the land is managed in the Lake District. Read it in conjunction with his wider calls for ‘re-wilding’.

Then compare it with Rory Stewart, the Penrith and Borders MP, response defending the Lake District’s environment and culture.

Draw up a comparison table of the different perspectives to managing and conserving the Lake District. Think of the conservation approaches we have been discussing in class, such as protectionist or modern collaborative management.

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