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Year 12 – Instructions for your group powerpoint on Vodafone TNC example.

Groups of 3-4

You need to produce a Powerpoint presentation on Vodafone as a TNC..
Remember to outline:

What does Vodafone do?
How many people work for it?
Where is it based?
Where is Vodafone’s HQ? Explain how it supplies it’s products globally and it’s impacts on the environment and society.
How does Vodafone encourage and promote globalisation?

What negative points have been made against Vodafone as a TNC?

Year 12 – BBC programme on wealth inequality

We are looking at the positives and negatives of the many facets of globalisation this week.

I would strongly suggest that you take an hour out sometime this week to watch the BBC programme ‘The super rich and us’

It touches on many of the arguments we have already looked at regarding inequality, such as how the wealth of the top 1% has increased significantly whilst the remaining 99% have seen a decline in wealth. It focuses on the UK and London in particular.