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Year 12 – Links for rural rebranding Lake District case study

Remember you are investigating WHY the Lake District National Park area needs rebranding: Social, Economic, Demographic. Layout is up to you but I would like to see qualitative and quantitative data to back up your findings.

Document on rural deprivation in Cumbria

Would World Heritage Site status help rebrand the Lake District?

Use this population pyramid tool to compare population structure for areas in the Lake District (South Lakeland, Eden Valley etc) with the rest of the UK.

Index of Multiple Deprivation data for South Lakeland. You know how to use this now

Year 12 – Very relevant BBC article and Channel 4 News clip

Very relevant for the rural rebranding work: an article about how the Eden Valley, around Penrith and the Borders, has many issues unique to its remote location that are just not addressed in a General Election.

A good piece from Paul Mason, Economics Editor at Channel 4 news, on the changes affecting jobs due to technology and Globalisation. It has Blackpool in!