AS and A2 Course Information

We follow the Edexcel A Level Geography (2016) course – please find a link to the specification below:

Course checklists (RMD lessons)

Tectonics, Glaciation, Superpowers & Migration checklists

Course reading

Keeping on top of current affairs is a must for the AS and A2 course. Below is a list of recommended sites, most can be accessed free of charge or for a limited period. Remember that each news source or agency will present stories with an element of bias.

The Economist – Weekly, detailed world affairs, written in a very accessible manner.

Foreign Policy – Fact and opinion pieces on foreign affairs.

The Guardian – British based newspaper, site is completely free to access.

The Washington Post – US based news site offering a good outlook of domestic US issues and foreign affairs.

Foreign Affairs. US based but with detailed international foreign affairs article. Registering gives you 2 articles to view for free a month.

Al Jazeera – Geo-political news as reported from (one of the many) perspectives in the Middle East.

We will add to the page as the year goes on. Contact Miss Mardell, Miss Bosson or Mr Reader if you have trouble accessing a particular article or would like any further information.

Information, resources and links for A level and GCSE geographers at UVHS. Some of the content has been adapted from resources on the Edexcel Geography Ning and from Schoology – we are exceedingly grateful and hope this blog works to provide ideas and support for other Geography teachers as well as pupils.