Year 12 work for RMD this week

  1. Make sure you all go to S4 at the beginning of the lesson and complete a paper register. One of you is to give the register to Miss Steele.
  2. You now have two options:
  3. a) Either stay in S4 and use the textbooks at the front to read and make additional notes on any information you have found challenging on our topics so far (I will leave the post it notes in the books so you have some guidance but feel free to flick through). There is only one copy of each book so you will have to share.
  4. b) Or, go to the resource area and use the scans I have downloaded onto the Blog to complete the reading. Go to the ‘Y13 Revision Materials’ tab and select the Google Drive link to the folder for ‘Additional Reading’. You will find the scanned chapters in there.

Regardless of your choice, I expect to see additional notes that you have made when we return to school in January.

Have a lovely Christmas 🙂

Miss Mardell

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