Y13 Questions

Hi all,

Below are the questions from last week’s lesson using the photocopies from the textbook.

I haven’t had the opportunity to scan the documents in and put them on here, but if you need the information just let me know and I can give you a photocopied version 🙂


Demand for energy is growing globally, and at regional and local scales…

1.Where is demand growing for energy around the world?

2.Why in countries such as India and China?

  • Which sectors use the most energy in China?
  • Where do China get their electricity from?
  1. What about Japan?

Produce at least one side of A4 notes on these questions using the photocopied pages of the textbook and the additional sheet of information on India.

EXTENSION: Describe what you think the future holds for countries like China and India.


See you tomorrow!

Miss Mardell

Year 12 Disaster Hotspot information

Hi all,

Please find attached a copy of the disaster hotspot presentation, which includes the explanation of a disaster hotspot/multi hazard zone is and the homework guidance in case you have lost it.

Remember the research is due tomorrow – you will be collating what you have at the start of the lesson and I will then let you know if anything is missing once I’ve seen all your information together.

Happy researching 🙂

Miss Mardell