Year 13 – Research for next week and essay.

Research case study on the AIDS virus and the role of technology in tackling the disease: This can be presented as a word doc, PPT or other format.

What is the AIDS virus – Include basic biology and history of virus:

NHS website

New Scientist

UN website

Who does it affect? – Outline global impact as well as two specific profiles on regional impacts e.g on Sub Saharan Africa and Latin America

AVERT charity website – Provides individual region/continent information on the scope of the disease


The impact of a country’s development on the spread of the virus and how this helps tackle the virus

UK Parliament research note

The specific role of technology in tackling AIDS.


2. ESSAYS! I expect at least one from everyone. Superpowers or Energy

3. Ensure the case studies of Thames Barrier and Dhaka flood alleviation are complete.

4. Remember that resources are available on all topics from the blog homepage. Topics also searchable from the tags page on the side of the home screen.