Year 13 – Wednesday 9th February – Research on alternative and renewable energy sources

I am not in today for the lesson. I was going to focus on two case studies to fill in the gaps in your energy knowledge. In my absence I would like you to do the following:


2. You need to have an understanding of two case studies of new renewable energy sources that could replace fossil fuels. You need to include information on:

  1. Outline of the technology
  2. Estimated output of the technology.
  3. Evaluation of strengths and weaknesses of the technology – are there any draw backs?

The Ouarzazate solar plant in Morocco. Research links to get you going below:

The Guardian

Solar GCC alliance

BBC clip


The Walney wind farm, including recent expansion:

Dong energy official website

NW Evening Mail


3. I would also like you to complete one essay from the superpowers module and one from the energy module over the half term to hand in on the first Wednesday back – 24th February. Link to the Edexcel past papers here.


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