Year 13 – BBC Start the Week podcast to listen to for Technological Change

As mentioned in the lesson today:

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On Start the Week Andrew Marr looks ahead to a future dominated by automation, cyber security, the ‘sharing economy’ and advanced life sciences with the innovation expert Alec Ross, computer scientist Steve Furber and the journalist Paul Mason who predicts such changes heralding a post-capitalist world. But cutting-edge advances in robotics and computers will have a huge but uneven impact on working lives: while previous industrial revolutions affected blue collar workers, in the future traditionally middle class jobs will be under threat. The journalist Hsiao-Hung Pai focuses on the most marginalised sector of the white working class – the British far right

Year 12 – Links for rural rebranding Lake District case study

Remember you are investigating WHY the Lake District National Park area needs rebranding: Social, Economic, Demographic. Layout is up to you but I would like to see qualitative and quantitative data to back up your findings.

Document on rural deprivation in Cumbria

Would World Heritage Site status help rebrand the Lake District?

Use this population pyramid tool to compare population structure for areas in the Lake District (South Lakeland, Eden Valley etc) with the rest of the UK.

Index of Multiple Deprivation data for South Lakeland. You know how to use this now

Year 13 – Wednesday 9th February – Research on alternative and renewable energy sources

I am not in today for the lesson. I was going to focus on two case studies to fill in the gaps in your energy knowledge. In my absence I would like you to do the following:


2. You need to have an understanding of two case studies of new renewable energy sources that could replace fossil fuels. You need to include information on:

  1. Outline of the technology
  2. Estimated output of the technology.
  3. Evaluation of strengths and weaknesses of the technology – are there any draw backs?

The Ouarzazate solar plant in Morocco. Research links to get you going below:

The Guardian

Solar GCC alliance

BBC clip


The Walney wind farm, including recent expansion:

Dong energy official website

NW Evening Mail


3. I would also like you to complete one essay from the superpowers module and one from the energy module over the half term to hand in on the first Wednesday back – 24th February. Link to the Edexcel past papers here.