Weekly links for the week ending 13th September

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1. Asylum seekers arriving into Europe has been a major news topic throughout the summer, pushed to the fore by the terrible photo of a young Syrian buy, Aylan, drowned on a Turkish beach. This report outlines where many start their journey and this one outlines why so many asylum sekkers are heading to the EU. Most are escaping conflict or persecution.


Part of the reason for the switch in  public and media attitude to ‘migrants’ has been the confusion between an economic migrant and an asylum seeker.


2. The world’s second largest economy, China, has seen its economy start to slow down. This interactive graph outlines what the impact on the rest of the world could be in terms of trade.

3. The British Isles weren’t so much a collection of islands during the end of the last ice age, more an extension of NW Europe:


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  1. Great to still get news updates!! China’s growth has indeed slowed… A great book is ‘Lee Kuan Yew: The Grand Master’s Insights on China’ highly recommend it… I’m seeing his predictions come true every day. Happy geographying!

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