Year 12 – Cold War presentations for Thursday

Presentations on the following topics for Thursday’s lesson please:

  • The space race between USSR and USA 1955-1971
  • The Cuban Missile Crisis – 1962
  • The development of Nuclear weapons – 1945
  • The Korean war 1950-53
  • Vietnam War
  • Marshall Plan

Please bring your presentation on a data stick or upload it straight to Google Slides. I will upload all of the presentation into the Drive after the lesson.


Geography links for the week ending 5th July

1.Alaska’s glaciers have lost 75 gigatons (a gigaton is a billion metric tons) of ice per year from 1994 through 2013.

2. Planning has just been approved for the world’s largest Potash mine… And it’s In a National Park. Economic sense or a mockery of National Park protection?

3. From an Internet users point of view this is one of the most important maps in the world.


4. Lots of thunder and lightening on Sunday. Here’s a reminder of what causes it.