Year 13 Pre release for Unit 3 and 4.

Email if you can’t access.

I have started the Google Drive links for Unit 3 and Unit 4 pre-release.

Both folders can be found through THIS LINK.

Please make sure you add  research you conduct over the Easter break to the folders. This could be PDF’s, maps, web-links, videos, documents.

There are two master documents with the questions on and a few notes. Please continue to add and annotate details and links to these questions.

Geography links for the week ending 22nd March

*Huge craters have appeared in Siberia. Aliens? Meteorites? Scientist’s think it could be exploding methane from melting permafrost

*Is this the end of economic growth equalling emissions increase?

*This week’s cartoon for year 13, taken from The Economist. Very relevant for Superpowers revision.


*China is increasingly aware of the negative impacts faced by a changing climate

Geography links 15th March


*Tsunamis only happen near plate boundaries, right?
The North of Britain was hit by a tsunami 8,200 years ago and it could happen again.

*The El Nino atmosphere/ocean phenomena has started for 2015…. We think. Worth watching this develop as it can have significant impacts on local climate.

*The Guardian will be running a number of articles over the next few months that have a focus on climate change. Naomi Klein’s article is worth a read

*The BBC has flown a drone through the Crossrail tunnels one of the largest infrastructure projects in Europe. Impressive footage!