*Year 13 Christmas homework*

As promised

This includes you Josh!

Your two essay questions and the resource:

June 2013 questions


Second task!

You need to complete the two case studies that you started in class on:

1.Trans Alaskan gas pipeline

2.Middle Eastern Supplies

What to include:

  • Location maps of energy sources
  • Supply pathways
  • How the infrastructure has developed
  • Key facts – how much they transport per year and to who
  • Have there been any political issues? – switching off gas supplies, war
  • What have been the impacts of the above? – prices, economy, political relationships

Use the notes from Mr Mitchell’s management unit 4 course to help with Trans Alaska pipeline as well as the FT article I gave you on energy insecurity and governance issues in the Arctic.


The article on the Middle East that will help your second case study can be found in the Google Drive link here. It is from the Oxford Institute for Energy Studies.



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