Year 13 – Glacier distribution

Antarctic glaciers

This is a good science blog on glaciation that is worth following. Click on the link above. The information below is taken from the most recent blog entitled ‘Mapping the world’s glaciers’

There are 198,000 glaciers, (or about 400, 000 if you include those smaller than 0.1km2) according to the Randolph Glacier Inventory.

Together, these glaciers cover 726,000 km2. The region with the most ice is the Antarctic and Subantarctic, with 132,900 km2, closely followed by Arctic Canada North (104,900 km2)….. Glaciers cover 0.5% of the Earth’s land surface


This map shows the global distribution of glaciers. The diameter of the circle shows the area covered. The area covered by tidewater glaciers is shown in blue. The number refers to the RGI region. source.

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