Year 12 – TNC’s homework for half term.

You have two tasks to complete over half term. The first is a 15 mark essay question from June 2013:

Q9b – Study Figure 9

Examine the role that TNCs play in the growth of globalisation (15).

The mark scheme is below

mark scheme 1

The second task is the powerpoint presentation on a TNC case study – Vodafone:


You need to produce a Powerpoint presentation on Vodafone as a TNC.

Remember to outline:

  • What does Vodafone do?
  • How many people work for it?
  • Where is it based?
  • Where is Vodafone’s HQ? Explain how it supplies it’s products
  • globally and it’s impacts on the environment and societies.
  • How does Vodafone encourage and promote globalisation?
  • What negative points have been made against Vodafone?

The Vodafone homepage is a good place to start, and this link takes you to a BBC article outlining how Vodafone paid no tax in the UK in 2012.

The graphic below is the Economist graphic I used in the lesson on Friday showing the difficulty in establishing which country a TNC actually belongs to.

Are businesses still national



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