Here are your geography links for the week ending…. 19th October.

* China and India, the dominant emerging economies of the 21st century right? The reality is that they have featured pretty heavily as the world’s largest economies over the couple of thousand years

* It’s not just the UK’s weather of low pressure storm systems and high pressure, blue bird skies that the Met Office forecasts. They have now moved into the realm of space weather forecasting. When will the next solar flare occur?

* I haven’t got an oil obsession, but….. This article explains quite nicely the global links between the black stuff pulled out of the ground around the coast of Scotland and globalisation.

* You’re all getting old….. But not as old as the earth at 4.5 billion years. This BBC website tells you how much has changed on our planet since you were born. How many volcanoes have there been? How much CO2 has been emitted?

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