Factors influencing climate and cold environments

Mr Monteith’s lesson on Wednesday 25th June focused on global environmental factors that influence the development of cold climates. We focused on:



3.Continent/ocean interaction

4. Atmospheric circulation

Now, this is a little test to see who has signed up to receive the emails from the blog and secondly, who is actually reading the blog posts as I would like you to complete some HOMEWORK for next Wednesday and bring it with you.

I would like you to read through the two articles on the links below:

Met Office web link on land and sea ice interaction

Glacier Bay Alaska – Ocean currents influence on glacier development

Reading through the material above I would like you to answer the following questions:

1. How can changes in land and sea ice impact the climate? (Met Office publication)

2.How have ocean currents influenced the development of glaciers in Glacier Bay, Alaska?

A paragraph on each will be sufficient!

Mr Monteith






Year 12 (nearly 13’s….) Introduction to cold environments

Hello all

First blog post for the geography department – pushing the boundaries of technology in UVHS….

The first lesson on Cold Environments (Mr Mitchell’s lessons) was spent looking briefly at geological timescale and focusing specifically on the Quaternary – Pleistocene and Holocene.

The links to the tasks that were completed in the lesson should be available through this hyperlink which will take you to the UVHS geography Google Drive website. The reading for this lesson came from the legendary geography tome that is Geography – an integrated approach. David Waugh, Pages 90-91 and a number of photocopied sheets which are pre-digital technology. The Powerpoint was adapted from the Geography NING.

If the link does not work for any reason please contact Mr Monteith.