Useful Links

DISCLAIMER:  all the links have been checked as accurate and appropriate on the date of last access (in brackets), but unfortunately we cannot be held responsible for any changes to links which occur after that date.  Please report any issues with the listed links to us by e-mail, and we will take immediate steps to rectify them.

ONLINE DICTIONARIES are an essential tool for literature students as well as those who find spelling tricky.  They list sometimes quite revealing alternative definitions of words.  Especially useful with older texts.

Oxford Dictionaries (23/07/16)  the essential online resource.  I never write a piece of literary analysis without this. (26/07/16)  a great way to upgrade your vocabulary

REVISION SOURCES exist all over the web.  Let us take the strain out of finding you the useful ones.

BBC Bitesize KS3 (24/07/16) a great resource with activities centred round Reading; Writing; and Speaking and Listening

BBC Bitesize KS4 Language (24/07/16) learner guides and ‘class clips’ covering analysis, writing and spoken language topics

BBC Bitesize KS4 Literature (24/07/16) guides, clips and quizzes on the texts you will be examined on.  You’d be mad to ignore this resource, to be honest.


UVHS readers group (25/07/16)  Goodreads is a massive online community of book-lovers, and we have our own dedicated group on there.  Come and say hello, and participate in discussions about all things literary …

Cumbria Library Service (28/07/16)  this is the main hub for the local library service, and where you can find out about the many different things you can use the library for.  You can even renew your books online!