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William Gibson‘s got a lot to answer for … He is one of the fathers of the ‘Cyberpunk’ sub-genre of Science Fiction, and essentially invented the Matrix (and cyberspace) as we know it …

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We know you love quizzes, so follow the link below to find one related to the current BBC Radio Chandler season, which I posted about earlier on today.

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Today is one of those relatively rare days of the year when we can celebrate a birth and commemorate a death – both of these novelists are American, pretty much required reading within their genres, and both are favourites of …

Literary Anniversaries: 20 August Read More »

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One of the pleasures of writing this Literary Anniversaries series is being able to talk about a favourite author – and yet it’s a frustration too, being restricted to relatively few words.  Today, is one of those days, when we …

Literary Anniversaries: 23 July Read More »

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