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Many red devils ran from my heart And out upon the page. They were so tiny The pen could mash them. And many struggled in the ink. It was strange To write in this red muck Of things from my …

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Today is one of those relatively rare days of the year when we can celebrate a birth and commemorate a death – both of these novelists are American, pretty much required reading within their genres, and both are favourites of …

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… there is an annual contest to find someone who looks like you!

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Earlier this month we commemorated the death of Ernest Hemingway, and today we celebrate his birth in 1899. What more can we say about this Nobel Prize-winning giant of American Literature?  One of the most interesting documents I have come …

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For a limited time – about three weeks from the time of writing this – you can listen to The Old Man and the Sea, via the BBC. Ernest Hemingway‘s deceptively simple tale seems to be about an ancient fisherman’s titanic struggle …

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Like Julius Caesar and the Ides of March, today seems a dangerous day for literary greats!  We celebrate the anniversary of the death of three of them (in alphabetical order): Ernest Hemingway died in 1961.  Where to start with a …

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