Competition News

enter-to-winWelcome to the new one-stop shop for details of creative writing competitions that you can enter …

I’ll be maintaining this page on an ongoing basis, so check back regularly for an ever-changing list of competitions.  If you’re interested in entering one of the competitions and want some support or guidance, please speak to me or your usual English Teacher.  And if you enter (or win) any competitions, please let me know!

CLOSING DATE WED 30 NOV 2016:  BT and Barclays are sponsoring a competition for young authors.  Your task – to write the next chapter (max. 500 words) of a book begun by Shane Hegarty, author of the DARKMOUTH series.  Winners will be given the chance to collaborate with the author and have your work published.  For more information, see the posters in the library or English department (there is a template to follow:  the beginning and end of the chapter are already written for you).

CLOSING DATE WED 21 DEC 2016:  the latest YOUNG WRITERS competition is called Welcome to Wonderland.  Can you create a 100-word story, set in a fictional world (this could be Science Fiction, Fantasy, or simply alternative history) with a beginning, middle and end?  You could win a Kindle Fire HD.  Please speak to me or your usual English teacher for more details about entering.



CLOSING FRI 04 NOV 2016:  The Busta Rhyme competition organised by Young Writers gives young poets a chance to be published AND win £1,000.  There doesn’t appear to be a theme, and other rules for submission are quite loose.  Further details are available here.