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Follow this link for an interesting selection of female characters … the comments underneath the article also give further suggestions. Which ones have you read?  Do you agree with their inclusion?  What’s missing from the list?  

On 05 November I offered you one of Lexi’s poems, the poignant and yet inspiring ‘Trapped‘.  Here’s another of her works, entitled ‘Ghost Girl‘. Thematically it reminds me a little of Trapped, but there is a less urgent, more reflective pace …

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                    I really like this poem by Lexi – one of two I’ll be posting over the next few weeks. There’s a great use of repetition, which subtly changes at the end …

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Today’s birthday author is Mark Haddon, born in 1962. Haddon wrote his first novel, The Curious Incident Of The Dog In The Night-Time (2003) as a book for adults, and yet it won the Whitbread Prize for children’s fiction and I …

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A debate about ‘Young Adult’ fiction has been raging for days at the Edinburgh International Book Festival – we’d love to hear YOUR views on it  …

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But it was dark.  Not that I was scared, but I was weary.  My heart beat a little faster.  My mind started racing.  The sooner I got to my friends, the better. Like Tabitha Butler’s, published on 14 August, this …

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Today in 1977, John Green was born in Indianapolis. Green is probably best known for his sixth novel, The Fault In Our Stars (2012)  – which means that fans have another 5 to read whilst awaiting his next work!

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Many parents will know Simon Mayo as a Radio DJ that people of (ahem) my age will have grown older with over the last twenty or so years.  He teams up with Mark Kermode to make the funniest and most …

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I do not know whether it is the cold or the smell of fetid leaves rotting by the side of the road that makes my nose sting … but I know that neither are what is making my hair stand …

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Today, in 1962, Suzanne Collins was born in Connecticut, United States. She needs little introduction of course, although many people don’t realise that she was a successful author of work for children before The Hunger Games came along.

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