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There are two important anniversaries today: again a birth and a death.  In 1797 Mary Shelley was born, and in 2013, Seamus Heaney died.

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On this day in 1875, the first Baron Tweedsmuir was born in Perthshire in Scotland – a man destined to become the Governor General of Canada, and receive a state funeral on his death. We know him better as the …

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Today in 1977, John Green was born in Indianapolis. Green is probably best known for his sixth novel, The Fault In Our Stars (2012)  – which means that fans have another 5 to read whilst awaiting his next work!

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Today, in 1920, Ray Bradbury was born. Bradbury is probably best known for writing the classic dystopian novel, ‘Fahrenheit 451‘ (named after the temperature at which he believed paper burst into flames).  We (rightly) have such negative connotations of ‘book-burners’, and …

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Today is one of those relatively rare days of the year when we can celebrate a birth and commemorate a death – both of these novelists are American, pretty much required reading within their genres, and both are favourites of …

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Today in 1949, Margaret Mitchell died in Atlanta, Georgia – the town of her birth, 49 years earlier. Only one of Mitchell’s novels was published during her lifetime, but what a novel it is:  the remarkable and memorable Gone With …

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At the time of writing, it’s exactly 70 years since the death of Herbert George (HG) Wells in 1946, at the age of 80.  He was cremated and his ashes scattered at sea. Cue the urge to go on at …

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Today we commemorate the death of William Blake in London in 1827.  An undoubtedly talented man, Blake was not just a poet, but an artist and printmaker too.  Despite this, his real recognition has come after his death: some of …

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Today marks the anniversary of the remarkably prolific Enid Blyton, author of over 600 children’s books!  She was born in 1897.

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Today, in 1962, Suzanne Collins was born in Connecticut, United States. She needs little introduction of course, although many people don’t realise that she was a successful author of work for children before The Hunger Games came along.

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