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You can access a BBC production of Tennessee Williams’ important play by clicking this link.  The link is valid until 24 April. A Streetcar Named Desire (one of our A Level texts) is on the surface a domestic drama – the …

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  “All human beings, as we meet them, are commingled out of good and evil: and Edward Hyde, alone, in the ranks of mankind, was pure evil.” Whilst Y11 draw towards the end of their Victorian Literature studies, it’s not too …

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John Wyndham’s classic 1957 take on alien invasion is available for free for three weeks via this link.  The novel is dramatised in three 30-minute episodes. So what’s the fuss about?  Why should you listen to it?

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For fans or students of Angela Carter, it’s worth noting that the BBC seem to regularly stage her work, or feature her in their playlist of favourite/important authors. And here are a couple more links to radio adaptations that are …

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As Year 13 students will know, Angela Carter was an important feminist writer.  She was also fascinated by and wrote extensively for the medium of radio … indeed it inspired her to write ‘Vampirella‘.

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William Gibson‘s got a lot to answer for … He is one of the fathers of the ‘Cyberpunk’ sub-genre of Science Fiction, and essentially invented the Matrix (and cyberspace) as we know it …

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Regular readers will know that I spend much of my reading life time-travelling between the 16th and 26th Centuries … Renaissance Literature (OK, Shakespeare) and Science Fiction are my refuges, safe havens, the places I like to go when I want …

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Calling all lovers of The Hunger Games, Maze Runner, etc. etc.  Anyone who likes dystopian literature, or the struggles of the one against the many, against the State.  Here I go again, getting HIGHLY excited about a radio dramatisation that …

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By now you’ll know that I spend a lot of time listening to books when I’m not reading, and the BBC is an unbelievable treasure-trove of really high quality readings and dramatisations. “Dead men are heavier than broken hearts.”

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Many of the pupils who will be progressing from Y9 to Y10 in September will be studying William Golding‘s sobering tale of schoolboys stranded on a desert island after a plane crash.

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