Jane Austen and the new £10 note


A detail from the new ten-pound note – coming soon, to a cashpoint near you!

Enrichment Week this year focused on ‘British Values‘.  And what could be more enriching (if you pardon the pun), than discussing our currency?

Some of you will be aware that on the 200th Anniversary of her death, the Bank of England unveiled Jane Austen as the new face of the £10 note.

There was some controversy about the quotation from Pride and Prejudice – probably Austen’s best-loved book, and the inspiration for Bridget Jones’ Diary – that appears on the note:

“I declare after all there is no enjoyment like reading”

Those of us in the know, would point out that the line was delivered sarcastically by Miss Bingham, who simply couldn’t understand why reading is so much fun.  This WAS a contributory factor in her failing to marry the rich, hunky buthaughty Mr Darcy!

In KS3 lessons, pupils were asked to ponder who amongst British children’s authors should adorn the new £20.  An unscientific survey produced the following results:

1 – David Walliams

2 – Roald Dahl

3 – JK Rowling

4 – Jacqueline Wilson

5 – Michael Morpurgo

6 – JRR Tolkien

7 – Shakespeare (perhaps a little influenced by me, and not strictly a children’s author)

Thanks to all staff and pupils who so enthusiastically engaged with the exercise!

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