The Science of Revision …

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With mock exams coming up for Years 11, 12 and 13, this feels like a timely article from The Guardian.

We all work in different ways, and you need to find a style that helps you.  Personally, I find writing notes is far better for my retention than simply highlighting.  But, what other tips can I offer?


Timing is a surprisingly underrated exam skill, and every year we see people think they have finished far too early, or who run out of time – often unable to answer the questions that have the most available points!  So, make sure you know how long to spend on each question, and practise, so that you are aware of how much you can write in a given time.  This also helps stop wrist cramp!

Best of luck, everyone!




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  1. Mrs Downing says:

    Call up to the Library where we have a great selection of Revision Guides in all subjects.
    Exams are taking place in the Library and sixth form resource centre this week so please be sure to look for the signs on the doors before you excitedly rush in to borrow your Revision Guides !

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