New English GCSEs: a guide for Parents and Carers

parents-evening-memeI genuinely enjoy Parents’ Evenings, and the Year 11 event held earlier this week was no exception:  well attended, and happily, with plenty of positives to report to the families of my class.

Naturally, there’s a bit of concern about the new specification for the GCSEs being taken for the first time in Summer 2017, so we gave out copies of this document, which hopefully summarises the course and examinations in a useful way for Parents and Carers.  It’s also useful for those with current Y10 students, who are on the same courses.

Possibly the most useful part is the guidance about what can be done independently to support pupil studies.  As I said many times on the night, ‘Revision starts now!’  It is vital that students have a good working knowledge of the texts we have studied in advance of those ‘closed-book’ exams (and this isn’t something you can cram into 2 weeks after Easter).  Similarly, for the English Language qualification, reading frequently and widely increases your chances of not being thrown by one of the three unseen extracts you will be examined on.


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