Student Excellence: Lexi Brockbank (Y11) 2

Woman Looking at Reflection --- Image by © Elisa Lazo de Valdez/Corbis
Woman Looking at Reflection — Image by © Elisa Lazo de Valdez/Corbis

On 05 November I offered you one of Lexi’s poems, the poignant and yet inspiring ‘Trapped‘.  Here’s another of her works, entitled ‘Ghost Girl‘.

Thematically it reminds me a little of Trapped, but there is a less urgent, more reflective pace and rhythm to the piece.  That reflection, perhaps tinged with a little confusion, is supported by the number of questions the speaker asks and a less structured rhyme scheme, supporting the idea of these memories coming back. Like Trapped, this is very much a poem of ‘then and now’ with a less positive past being discarded for the hope of the present and future.  We go from a ghostly, indistinct past tense to a far more positive now.

I’ve also been privileged to see some of Lexi’s annotations and commentaries on her own work.  They’re fascinating glimpses into how the poems came into being, and absolutely prove that the best writing is deliberate and conscious.

Great work, Lexi, thanks so much for sharing with us!

(as ever, any typos are mine, as is my choice of accompanying image)


Do you remember the ghost girl?

In her chalk-white ghost world?

Too timid to even speak.

Remember her looking down?

With her sorrowful frown,

Slumped in her fragile physique.


The passions she possessed,

I can’t seem to recall.

Much like her emotions inside.

If her lungs were still breathing,

And heart somehow beating,

Why wasn’t there life in her eyes?


Thank goodness they caught her,

Led her safely to shore,

For my conscience cannot contemplate,

What would be of the ghost girl

And her chalk-white ghost world

If they’d intervened … too late.


For now, she diminished and gone,

I wonder how she lasted so long!

Is it true?  Did she really believe?

That the torture and pain, the

Lack of control, was

No more than a mere conspiracy?


Where would she be now?

Would she be anywhere?

Would she, by now, be frozen to ash?

Bless those who helped her remain,

For despite her not-yet-perfect state,

She’s smiling back at me through

The Glass.

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