Literary Anniversaries: 06 November

magorian-back-homeI wonder if it’s frustrating to be an accomplished author of a series of books, but to only really be well known for your very first novel?

Today, we celebrate the birth of Michelle Magorian, born in 1947.

OK, so what else has she written apart from the reasonably famous ‘Goodnight Mr. Tom‘ (1981) … ?

Well, setting aside that wonderful story of a boy evacuee during the war, ‘Back Home‘ (1984), is not exactly a sequel, more a companion piece.  Twelve-year-old Virginia, who prefers to be called Rusty, has spent the Second World War as an evacuee, but this time in America.  Returning to England and family after 5 years is far from straightforward for her …

Many of Magorian’s novels (six in total) are set around this period, and deal with themes of loneliness, adjustment, of growing up …


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