National Poetry Day 2016: ‘Messages’


Messages‘ is the theme for this year’s National Poetry Day.

The event has been running since 1994, although it was only in 1999 that they started adopting annual themes (last year’s was ‘Light’).

It’s an excellent opportunity to celebrate the special emotional power of poetry, which other forms tend to lack.  Where prose is like instant coffee, I often think of poems as espresso-like shots of emotion and imagery: they make us feel more alert and alive, and we can taste them long after they’ve been consumed.

You can download a free e-book of poems anthologised by the organisers by clicking here.

I’d love to get some contributions from you UVHS poets out there: don’t be shy, simply post below or email me your writing!

In the meantime, you know I like to dabble in haiku, so here is one matching the theme. I wrote this many years ago as part of a series on computer error messages!

No doubt you have friends,

Pals, acquaintances, even.

But you have no mail.


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