Open Evening update: The Great UVHS Shakespeare Quiz

Shakespeare or FAKESpeare - you can test yourself here ...
Shakespeare or FAKESpeare – you can test yourself here …

During Open Evening last week many of you completed our Great UVHS Shakespeare Quiz, and it’s time to give you the answers – and to announce the winner.

We asked (and if you want to test yourself the answers are below the ‘read more’ line):





  1. True or False?  Shakespeare died on his birthday!
  2. Complete the famous quotation:  ‘Romeo, Romeo, _______ art thou, Romeo?’
  3. When he died, what did Shakespeare leave his wife in his will?
  4. How many witches appear to Macbeth, and tell him he will one day be king?
  5. Which Disney film is based on Shakespeare’s play, Hamlet?
  6. Shakespeare’s grave is cursed.  What did scientists recently find was missing, when they x-rayed it?
  7. One of these words was invented by Shakespeare, but which?  BUZZER, KNOCKER, LETTERBOX
  8. Another True/False question:  when Shakespeare built his Globe Theatre in London, most of his materials were stolen from another theatre.
  9. Famous quotations part 2:  ‘Friends, Romans, countrymen, lend me your ____’
  10. Tie-Breaker (closest answer wins): how many different words do we think Shakespeare knew (i.e. his vocabulary)?


  1.  TRUE (as far as we can tell)
  2. Wherefore (which actually means ‘WHY‘, not ‘where)
  3. His second best bed.
  4. Three
  5. The Lion King!  Think of wicked Uncle Scar, and the ghost of Mufasa
  6. His skull
  7. Buzzer (not that he was talking about an electric one, of course)
  8. TRUE
  9. Ears
  10. 20,000: about the same as an average Y9 pupil (NOT just 350 words, as someone suggested)

How did you get on?  Let us know in the comments section below …

Our winner on the night was Olivia!  You can expect to hear from us soon with a prize sent to your school.


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