Open Evening Update: Mr. Guerrero gets Scrabbled


Last week’s Open Evening saw me take on the world (as I like to do, occasionally) at Scrabble.  I mean, what could possibly go wrong, playing a bunch of Year 5 and 6 pupils?  Right?

Well, I like to think I started strongly, playing ‘BLOKE‘ and ‘SHIRE‘ in quick time to get 22 and 27 points respectively.  Several staff and current pupils weighed in with some low-scoring words [I’m looking at YOU, Miss Wisdom], only to be outdone by Heather, aged 6, who outdid them by scoring 12 with ‘MOON.  Freddie, aged 10, also impressed by being the first person to make two words at once:  ‘NEAT‘ and ‘GRAIN‘ …

We were pootling along nicely, with Mr. G feeling quite comfortable, despite Miss Wisdom calling me ‘EVIL‘ (21 points).  And then something happened.

A lady I’d never seen before sat down opposite me with a frighteningly steely look in her eye.  I have to say, I was immediately suspicious, or perhaps that should be scared, and I asked her if she was a teacher (you can tell, I think).  ‘Not of English’, came the enigmatic reply …  I should have known, at this point, packed up my board and run screaming for the hills.

And this unassuming lady with a twinkle in her eye, who I now know to be called Miss Lowe, proceeded to pummel me into second place.  Like a boxer, reeling on the ropes, I could only dodge and weave as she landed blow after blow on me.  I mean, I tried EVERYTHING:  jokes, distractions, you name it … I played ‘DUNCE‘ for 10, which is how I felt, only to be answered with ‘DIM‘, for 11.  It was that sort of night.

Until Miss Lowe finally killed me off with ‘BRAY‘ and ‘LIFER‘ in the same turn, worth a total of 44 points.  What was left of me limply shook her hand and (I hope) gallantly congratulated her, offering a rematch.  Nevertheless, it was great fun, he says through gritted teeth.

It’s also worth mentioning that Miss Downing did the Library proud by placing three words in a row with the same theme: you’ll have to ask HER what they were and how they are linked!










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