Things That Go Bump In The … Library

witchesIt was a dark and blustery night in October.  The wind howled as it sent the clouds racing across the moon’s unhappy scowl, and the trees lost their leaves as they shook their fists at the young children passing by … the perfect time for all our favourite literary characters to gather round the fire and tell each other ghost stories …

‘We want you to be scared, but not of reading!’  (Mr. Stubbert)

And whilst we’re absolutely NOT suggesting that all our pupils spend October dabbling in the occult, we’re hoping to celebrate the season in a lighthearted manner with our Key Stage 3 pupils.

So, on Thursday 20th October, we’ll be holding a special after-school screening of Roald Dahl’s The Witches for Key Stage 3 pupils in the English department.

After that, we hope you’ll join us for between 5:00 and 6:30pm for an evening of readings, chat, nibbles and the opportunity to buy a few chilling tales to add to your own ghostly library (there is no obligation to buy, and no charge for coming along to join the fun).  Bring your own carved pumpkin, and we’ll supply the tea-light to bring it to life!

As Mr. Stubbert, our Whole School Literacy Co-ordinator, says: ‘we want you to be scared, but not of reading!’

Look out for the letter being sent to all Key Stage 3 pupils: a further copy is available here.  We would very much appreciate you letting us know if you plan on coming, so that we can make the necessary catering arrangements … mwah ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

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