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The poster for the groundbreaking film of the book ...

The poster for the groundbreaking film of the book …

Regular readers will know that I spend much of my reading life time-travelling between the 16th and 26th Centuries … Renaissance Literature (OK, Shakespeare) and Science Fiction are my refuges, safe havens, the places I like to go when I want my mind rather than my body to wander, travel and relax.

“An android,” he said, “doesn’t care what happens to another android. That’s one of the indications we look for.”
“Then,” Miss Luft said, “you must be an android.”

So.  No-one should dare call themselves a fan of Science Fiction unless they’re pretty familiar with the works of Philip K. Dick.  Need persuading?  Someone at home might currently be watching The Man In The High Castle on TV?  Or, you might have seen the film Total Recall?  Or Minority Report?  Or The Adjustment Bureau?  Or A Scanner Darkly? Or … Blade Runner?

Yes, all based on books by the same man …


Blade Runner was based on PKD’s novel, Do Androids Dream Of Electric Sheep?  A wonderful, groundbreaking film in its own right, and yet a pale imitation of the original novel.

Above all, it is a novel about what it means to be human.  Rick Deckard is a bounty hunter who is forced to hunt down and ‘retire’ humanoid robots – androids – who have escaped to post-apocalyptic Earth from the off-world colonies.  The main difference between the ‘Andies’ and the humans is the fact that humans alone possess empathy – the ability to share the feelings of another living being.  And yet, in order to avoid getting killed himself, and of course collect his bounty, which parts of his own humanity does Deckard need to lose?

At the time of posting, you have twenty-eight days to access the first hour-long part of the two-part dramatisation (click here).  Let me know if you listen to it!



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