Literary Anniversaries: 06 September

cover mievilleToday we celebrate the birth of China Miéville in 1972.

China who?  Is that a real name?

It is!  Miéville’s work is influenced by the wonderful Ursula K Le Guin, and like her work, it straddles the line between SF and Fantasy.  We might call it instead ‘Speculative Fiction‘.  Miéville also cites HP Lovecraft as one of his influences – if you’ve read Mr Sims recommendation or my celebration of Lovecraft, you’ll understand how he is also tagged with the ‘Weird Fiction‘ classification.

So where to start, reading Miéville?  My introduction to him was the novella Tis the Season – it’s a witty but also disturbing exploration of just how far the commercialisation of Christmas might go – if we let it!



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