Forthcoming Events at Barrow Library

barrow libraryBarrow Central Library have a number of exciting events lined up for September …

Now’s a good time for you to look at September’s Calendar on the blog, but details of a couple of favourite events appear below …  I might even see you at one of them?


Fun, frivolity and fatalities guaranteed!

400 years after his death it seems the Great Bard may still have secrets to share. Rumours have spread that a previously unknown and unpublished play has been discovered in the catacombs beneath Barrow Library. A sequel, no less; ‘Lots To Do About Something!’

However mere hours before the manuscript can be authenticated, renowned Shakespearian scholar Professor Oliver Worldsastage is found dead; stabbed 23 times in the back beside a final message written in iambic pentameter, seemingly using the victim’s own blood. But is the play the thing, or did someone have other sinister reasons to watch the Professor to shuffle off this mortal coil?

Join murder maestros Highly Suspect for a Shakespearian inspired interactive murder mystery event. Analyse the evidence, interrogate the suspects and separate the fact from the fiction to solve the murder and catch the killer.


Fancy bringing the Bard bang up to date – in Barrow?

On these dates, the library will be holding Creative Writing workshops where you’ll be challenged – with some guidance – to translate some of these classic stories to 2016 Barrow-In-Furness!  Where might Romeo and Juliet have met in town?  Where is Romeo doing his apprenticeship?  Which part of town do the two families live in?

There’s a competitive element to the days, as outstanding entries will be put forward to a final in November.



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    • I don’t know Barrow well enough, but I like to think he would be on a Higher Apprenticeship locally. Of course, Juliet is that bit younger – only about 13, so she would be at school. Nowadays, of course that sounds weird to say the least, but in those days it was not unusual for couples to marry extremely young: especially if the marriage was done to connect important families. You might be interested to know that Shakespeare married at about 18 – again very early by our standards, but his wife was 8 years older than him …

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