To Kill A Mockingbird at The Octagon, Bolton

mockingbirdHere’s an opportunity to go and see a performance of Harper Lee‘s much-loved classic, To Kill A Mockingbird:  a tale about innocence, about intolerance, and perhaps about growing up in an imperfect world and making choices about the kind of person you want to be …

Although it no longer features as part of the new syllabus we are teaching to KS4, it’s a text that remains a real favourite of teachers and of parents – many of whom studied it at school.  It regularly tops polls of books studied at school, in fact!

The performance runs from early September through to mid-October – you can find out more by clicking this link.  I noticed that there is also a whole day event where the cast and directors run workshops going through the decision-making process used to create the play – sounds very intriguing!


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